• Double Bedroom 1
  • Double Bedroom 2
  • Single Bedroom 1
  • Single Bedroom 2
  • Attic
  • Sitting Room
  • Outdoor Dining Room
  • Garden

Prini House is able to sleep 8 - 9 people comfortably, rooms include:

  • One large double bedroom with en-suite bathroom.
  • One large bedroom with two single beds with en-suite bathroom.
  • Two rooms with single beds and desk space.
  • Two single beds in the large attic space and the option of another bed in the sitting room.
  • There are three bathrooms in the main house, two are en-suite and one is on the ground floor, all with western toilets and showers with hot water when required. There is another bathroom in the studio.
  • There is a large sitting room on the 2nd floor, with a wood burning stove to cosy around in the winter and airy balcony surrounding the sitting room for lazily wiling away afternoons on charpoys in the Summer.
  • We have a separate Kitchen and courtyard eating area, and are able to provide breakfasts of yummy eggs and tomatoes on toast with coffee, lunch and evening meals are of simple but scrumptious local Indian or Zanskari cuisine and there is Chai throughout the day.

Close by in Prini there are also local dhabas offering aloo, dhal and rice, many small market stores selling snacks and cold drinks and an ‘English Wine Shop’ where you can buy cold Kingfisher beer. Equally there are numerous restaurants and cafes in central Manali that we can recommend, including Chopsticks with the best momo’s in town or Johnson’s Café for delicious baked trout.

If you require additional accommodation we are able to recommend other guest houses in Prini that are within easy walking distance of Prini Ropa and are of a good standard.If you wish us to assist in coordinating bookings we are happy to do so.