When to Visit

Prini Ropa sits at an elevation of 2150m above sea level, and the seasons are well defined. Spring is from mid March to the end of May with maximum temperatures around 16°C to 25°C culminating in a hot June. Manali’s monsoon rains arrive in July and August with hot days and thundery showers, subsequently creating bad roads and misty views. Autumn, which is from September to mid November, has clear sunny days, which due to the altitude are warm in the sun with cooler temperatures in the shade and at night. Winter months are from mid November to mid March, when temperatures drop and the snow arrives.

The festival of Dussehra is held in October and is an especially important Hindu mela in nearby Kullu, Raghunath (Lord Rama) being it’s ruling deity. It is a lively, colourful, spectacle, which celebrates Lord Rama’s victory over the Demon-King Ravana. It begins with Raghunath inviting his fellow gods from the surrounding villages to come and celebrate with him. Hundreds of villagers flock in procession with their devtas to Kullu to celebrate the triumph of good over evil in a week long festival of music, puja and shopping, that culminates in sacrifices and the burning of Ravana’s kingdom.

In April Dhungri Fair is held at Hadimba Temple in Manali and during April and May there are many mela’s in the nearby villages. It is a good opportunity to experience the local culture and see local dance and music performed.
For more information and help in deciding when would be most appropriate to visit Prini Ropa in relation to your course activity please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further.